Monday, August 23, 2010

Photo Recap: News-Herald Internship

Looking back over the summer, I have made many photographs while working for the News-Herald.  I have photographed breaking news, sporting events, little kids events, a fair share of portraits, and more.  As the summer progressed, I learned what it was like to work as a professional photographer in the daily grind of a newspaper.  I have found working at a newspaper is both hard and rewarding work.  The workplace was dynamic because I had the chance to meet new people and explore new places everyday.  As I met these new people, I had the opportunity to make a photo of them and tell their story.  This opportunity is what drives me to continue to photograph.  Newspapers give the people a chance to learn about their community and read different stories going on each day.  I became a part of this process this summer and learned new things about Northeast, OH by photographing daily life.

Going over all my photos and blog posts this summer, I have selected a few photographs which stand out to me as my best work from this summer.

Girls under the age of six beat the boys of the same age in a tug of war competition at the First Annual Kids Fest in Chardon Square on August 12th, 2010.

Kids participate in the Oreo Cookie Licking Contest held by The Simon Kidgits Club at Great Lakes Mall on June 5th, 2010 in Mentor, OH.

Skye Rupnow squirts water into Desirae Fecney while taking a break on their sailboat during the Spirit of America July 6th, 2010 at Lake Metroparks Fairport Harbor Park.  Because of the high heat during the sailboating lessons, the boats were given squirtguns and the students enjoyed shooting water at each other to cool down.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Deanna's Move-In

Yesterday my family and I moved my sister Deanna into college.  Deanna had to move in a week early for her tryouts and band camp.  I found this experience an opportunity to make some photographs, to document this rite of passage my sister is going through right now.  It is really weird to see your little sister grow up so quick.  It felt like yesterday she was just coming up to the highschool and playing on the drumline with me.  I know she will do well at college and I can't wait to see her grow over the next four years.

The process of setting up the room.

Saying the last goodbyes.

Deanna already made a new friend, another girl on the drumline lives on her floor.

Best store name for farm supplies in Ohio.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Last day on the job!

Today is my last day working for the News-Herald, sort of, I plan on doing some football games in the coming weeks before I head back to school but the coming into work everyday is done today.  I enjoyed my last day assignment at the News-Herald today.  I photographed a new corn maze that just opened at the Lake Metroparks Farmpark.  When I got back, my editor surprised me with a goodbye party/cake.  Only a couple more weeks left of summer then back to RIT.

Chris Langer/
Sean Mohlenkamp, age 6, tries to look through the corn to find the next turn in the maze with his sisters, Keira age 2 and Kaitlin age 7 at the Corn Maze at the Lake Metroparks Farmpark on Thursday.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chalk Drawing

Today I photographed a chalk drawing competition at Mentor Civic Center.  75 kids under the age of 16 came out and drew on the bike path running by the Civic Center on Tuesday.

Chris Langer/
Blake Gibson watches Ryan Fry and Michael Owens work on perfecting the Earth drawing they made on Tuesday at the Chalk Drawing Competition at Mentor Civic Center.

Chris Langer/
Anna Defrank age 8, Sabrina Bogert 8, and Charlie Holley 8 work on their Chalk Drawing on Tuesday at the Mentor Civic Center.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Water Parks

Today I traveled out to Middlefield to find a feature photograph of someone playing in their new splash park that was opened a few years back.  I always wanted to shoot there and had my chance today.

Chris Langer/
Emma Pilarczyk runs after her brother Kyle dumping a bucket of water on him at the Splash Park at Eagle Park in Middlefield Township on Monday.  

After finding a feature, I went out and photographed a young girl putting on a backyard carnival with her friends to help raise money for St. Judes Children's Research Center.  Some of the games participants could play is bocce, jump rope, and stacking water bottles.  All of the money will go towards to the research center.

Chris Langer/
Mary Sill age 9 hangs upside down talking to her friends that came out to a fundraiser Mary put on for St. Jude's Children's Research Center.  Mary and her friends donated money and played games around her yard in Willowick on Monday to help the center.

Chris Langer/
Madison Burris stacks half-full water bottles in a competition for a prize at a St. Jude's Fundraiser put on by her friend Mary Sill on Monday in Willowick.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kids Fest

Next Friday I will be ending my internship at the News-Herald and preparing to go back to college.  Here is the selection of images from today.  Photographed a new Kids Fest on Chardon Square and really enjoyed the tug of war matches.  Very impressed with the girls, they won 3 out of the 4 matchs against boys in the same age group.  

Chris Langer/
Girls under the age of six compete against the boys of the same age in a tug of war competition at the Kids Fest in Chardon Square on Thursday.  The girls beat the boys in the tug of war match.

Chris Langer/
Ryan and Jonathon Kessinger enjoy ice cream popsicles Thursday at the Kids Fest in Chardon Square.  

Chris Langer/
Girls ages 11-15 celebrate after beating the boys in a tug of war match on Thursday at the Kids Fest in Chardon Square.

Chris Langer/
Leia Solich 5 throws a beanbag into the hole at the 2010 Kids Fest in Chardon Square on Thursday.  

Monday, August 9, 2010

School Supplies for Low-Income Families

This afternoon I photographed the Leadership Lake County group volunteering their time to help pack school supplies for low-income families in Lake County.  The project serves around 1100 students in Lake County.  Volunteers will pack supplies for the next few days until all the supplies are accounted for.  After all the packing, parents can come by the Salvation Army in Painesville and pick them up or have them delivered to their homes on Friday.

Chris Langer/
Carol Duncan from Willoughby South High School graduated last year and is helping out the new Leadership Lake County members who volunteered their time to work at the Lake County School Supplies Project at the Painesville Salvation Army on Monday.  Lake County School Supplies Project donates school supplies for low income families in Lake County and helps over 1100 children before they go back to school this year.  

Chris Langer/
Lake County Leadership members Rachel Gluvna and Caitlin Post from Madison High School help move black bags full of school supplies for low-income families throughout the gym for the Lake County School Supplies Project at the Painesville Salvation Army.

End of this past week

Things were slow last week at the newspaper but wanted to show a few of my favorites from last week.

Chris Langer/
Colbie Splete is sniffed by the St. Bernald Max during the Children's Dog Show at the Mentor Civic Amphitheater on Tuesday.  
Chris Langer/
Jake Trethewey on the right and his dad Jack pick out Russian Banana Fingerling Potatos from the dirt and roots on Wednesday at Jakes Farm.  The father is Jake's neighbor and gave his son a piece of land to farm on where Jake became a small organic family farm.  
Chris Langer/
Divina Brogan-akers from Columbus pours wine for a guest at Vintage Ohio at Lake Metroparks Farmpark on Friday.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Children's Dog Show

This morning I photographed a children's dog show in Mentor.  Kids had the chance today to show off their dogs tricks and outfits.  Dogs could also win on longest ears, best coat, and most spots.  The dogs could win tennis balls and doggy treats and the kids received free prize bags for participating.

Chris Langer/
Hannah Vertal 12 adjusts Gigi's boot on her left front paw during the Best Outfit competition at the Children's Dog Show at the Mentor Civic Amphitheater on Tuesday.  Hannah and Gigi won first place for the best outfit.

Chris Langer/
Ryan Profilet 9 asks Max to shake his hand during the Best Trick Competition at the Mentor Civic Amphitheater on Tuesday.

Chris Langer/
Colbie Splete is sniffed by the St. Bernald Max during the Children's Dog Show at the Mentor Civic Amphitheater on Tuesday.  

And just an observation, there was a pet bunny and this beagle wanted to get it really bad.

Monday, August 2, 2010

50's Diner

Today I photographed a 50s-looking diner for a feature in the food section.  They specialize in big burgers and shakes.

Chris Langer/
Rachel O'Neill is one of the waitresses at Cruzin' 50s Diner which serves classic burgers and shakes located in Mentor.

Chris Langer/
A display of the Original Classic Double Cheeseburger, Route 66 Burger in the back, and a new Orange Milkshake spiked with Vodka at the Cruzin' 50s Diner located in Mentor.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Game 4: CLE vs. NYY

Chris Langer/
Indians starting pitcher Mitch Talbot is switched out in the top of the third inning after injury against the New York Yankees at Progressive Field on Thursday.

Chris Langer/
Indians pitcher Frank Hermann and Carlos Santana talk before pitching to the Yankees' Alex Rodriguez in the top of the fifth inning Thursday at Progressive Field.  Rodriguez hit a fly ball to right field and got caught by Indians Shin-Soo Choo.

Chris Langer/
Indians Carlos Santana kneels on the ground after a foul ball hit him in the left knee.  Santana finished the inning after the injury.

Chris Langer/
In the Yankee's Alex Rodriguez last attempt to hit the 600th career homerun, Rodriguez struckout with bases loaded at the top of the 8th and failed to hit his 600th homerun at Progressive Field on Thursday. 

Chris Langer/
Indians Matt LaPorta hits in one RBI at the bottom of the ninth at Progressive Field on Thursday.  LaPorta was one of the three runs for the Indians comeback in the bottom of the ninth inning.