Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Humans vs. Zombies Day 1

Tonight was my first experience of Humans vs. Zombies.  I am photographing for a feature article Reporter Magazine is doing on the club.  During the Fall and Spring quarters, students around campus come together for some good ole shooting and game of tag.  The game starts in the beginning of the week and runs till the end of the week.  The objective for the humans is shooting the zombies and tagging them.  By what I saw tonight, the zombies are stunned and cannot attack for 15 minutes.  If a human is tagged by a zombie, they join the zombie force and fight against the humans.  The game ends either when there is no more humans or time runs out and only a few survive.

My coverage of this sport will span throughout the week as I encounter daily night missions, campus activity in between classes, and then the final mission on Friday.  Although many RIT students complain about this event every time it comes around each season, I found the mission tonight to be exciting to photograph and looking forward to tomorrows mission and the rest of the week.  I find this game to be enjoyable to watch and document.

A group of humans create a formation to prepare for a horde of zombies gathering in the distance.  The humans objective in Monday's night mission was to escort VIPs around campus as they gather important information for future missions.

One small group of humans sing and march proudly as they walk back to base camp.

A group of humans is ambushed by a horde of zombies and is surrounded.  Every human was tagged by a zombie and no one escaped.

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