Monday, September 27, 2010

Washington D.C. PJ Trip: Day 1

Today was the first day of the RIT Photojournalism Washington D.C. Trip.  This gives the RIT PJ students on the trip the opportunity to see certain publications and services up close and personal.  Professionals from each organization give us a tour of the building, go over what they do at the organization, and if we have time, look over our stuff.

For our first day, we visited the National Public Radio (NPR) in the morning and The Washington Post in the afternoon.  At NPR, we got a grand tour of the whole building and saw studios, offices, and control rooms.  I learned about the importance of audio in telling a story.  Audio creates a new dynamic to the photo story and gives the viewer a sense of place and a feeling of being with the subject.  In my future work, I want to put more emphasis on audio and work on my craft in becoming a better story-teller by using audio.  

After NPR, we visited The Washington Post.  RIT alum, Megan Rossman took us around the building and showed us the photo desk.  After we got the tour, we went inside a conference room and she told us about her work as a multimedia producer.  Megan produced a really nice piece with Carol Guzy on maternal morality.  The images in the slideshow where strong and the audio made the piece even better.  Having the audio intertwined with the images created a new dynamic that was mentioned while at NPR earlier in the morning.  

Coming away from today, I learned the importance of audio and video in this developing new market for photographers.  What will I be doing in five years?  The question remains unanswered but I am interested in working with video and audio to create more dynamic stories.  Having the viewer being immersed with visuals and sound is something I am interested in creating for my own work.  I want to spend the rest of the year at RIT working with video and audio in my stories and finding the best way to tell a story.

Tomorrow we will be heading to the White House and National Geographic!  So excited.  

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