Thursday, September 30, 2010

Washington D.C. PJ Trip: Day 4

Today we visited USA Today and Education Week.  USA Today was an inspiring place to visit.  We got to meet different photo editors from each section of the paper.  They talked to us about the qualifications freelance photographers need to get hired at USA Today.  I became really interested in the work they put into new dynamic content on their website for bigger events like Hurricane Katerina.  One of the managers on the online team showed us some of the projects she has worked on at USA Today.  I have always been interested in creating new web content myself, so when I found out the amount of code and design they put into each large term story, the investment was worth it.  Check out the Hurricane Katerina page!

After USA Today we went over and visited Charlie and Chris at Education Week.  Both of these editors are fellow RIT alumni and have worked on many different teams and projects.  At Education Week, they hire freelancers to photograph different types of pictures that relate to education.  This could range from a portrait of a school official all the way to documenting classroom behavior of minorities.  I had the chance to sit down with Chris for a portfolio review at the end of the meeting.  He remarked about my Starting Over story I did on my father when he lost his job.  He became interested in the content of the story and recommended I continue to tell the stories of other Americans who are going through similar situations.  I took interest to this idea and will start doing research in the Rochester area looking for people and more employment stories.  

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