Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello from Eddie Adams Workshop!

Today was the first day of the Eddie Adams Workshop and I am beat already.  I got up early, got into the car, and drove four hours southeast of Rochester to Liberty, NY.  The first day has been quite extraordinary!  We listened to some speakers that introduced the workshop and talked about their work.  I was really interested in listening to Brian Storm pick apart past pieces and how he builds multimedia pieces at the workshop.  I really want to improve my multimedia this year and any chances I have to learn from him, I am going to take them.

After the speakers, we got back to hotels for our meetings with our team.  For my story, I am photographing Buddhist Nuns in Glen Spey, NY.  While at the temple, I am going to look for different relationships and interactions these nuns have during the day and the rituals they go through while I am there.  I am really excited to get out tomorrow and actually shoot some stuff.  I find my story to be interesting because I haven't experienced Buddhism or any sort of community/ritual religions for that matter.  This will not only be a photographically learning experience, but I hope to take away a story about the meaning of Buddhism and why these nuns practice this religion.  

One thing I wanted to write about that I noticed here at the workshop is the bond these people have for each other.  It is starting to feel like I am becoming a part of a family here, part of the Adams family and the workshop's family.  It really is a honor to be part of this year's family and part of the ever-growing family at large.  I keep hearing from everyone, the relationships I will build this weekend will last a lifetime.  This workshop will change my life.  

It is getting late and I gotta be up at 6:30 AM tomorrow!  So here comes the first night of little sleep.  I wanted to leave an interesting quote for everyone regarding the workshop and the impact it will instill in everyone attending this year.

Tom Bol said in his leader introduction, "The Eddie Adams Workshop is a rite of passage."  I know going into this workshop I will not be the same photographer I was coming out of it.  


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