Monday, October 11, 2010

Portfolio reviews at EAW

Tonight I wanted to focus on an important aspect of the workshop, the 11:30 club.  The 11:30 club is the gathering of all of the students and editors and students have the opportunity to show their portfolio.  I found this aspect of the workshop to be the most rewarding right now.  I get the ability to see top-notch industry professionals right in front of me and I get to hear their thoughts on my portfolio.  I found most people where reacting to my story I did on my father about his unemployment.  People reacted to the issue of unemployment because it is very current in our society right now and stories need to be told about it.  I need to look out for some things next time but everyone was interested in the story and wanting to see more.

I found I need to figure out what I want to do when I graduate because I got asked that a million times and couldn't answer it!

Editors enjoyed feeling prints and being able to hold a book.  I think my presentation was successful these past two nights.

Also, I am really tired now and that is a good thing.  I worked my butt off this weekend and learned a great deal.  Tomorrow (or when day breaks in a few hours!) the workshop will be entering its final day.  We will hear a few more speakers and get to see the work everyone produced this weekend.  Pretty excited to see the stories and what everyone got to shoot.

I will be writing a blog post tomorrow dedicated to the story and what photos where chosen for the final edit.

This morning I came across a gorgeous scenic lake on my way to the temple.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make a landscape.  It felt good to just walk by the lake and photograph the fall colors.  This part of New York is gorgeous.

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