Sunday, October 10, 2010

I am running on something.

Being at this workshop is awesome.  I just finished up the second day at the Eddie Adams Workshop.  Today was a big day for us because we all had the chance to go out and actually shoot some stuff.  I spent my afternoon talking with Buddhist nuns and monks.  I spent a good hour just talking to different nuns to get a feel for how things are at the temple and what kind of relationships are already built.  I found it interesting that this form of Buddhism, Kadampa, is very open to strangers.  Kadampa is a form of Buddhism that relies on peace with yourself and peace with others.  Through helping others, these Buddhist nuns and monks can find peace with themselves.  My focus of the story is going to be on the act of helping others and what that means to the nuns and monks at the temple.  This evening, I got the chance to witness one of the Kadampa Buddhist prayers and photograph it.  That is it right now for the story, I will know more tomorrow after I see the success of tomorrow's shoot.

Another really really cool aspect of the workshop is the 11:30 club.  This gives the students a chance to talk to the professionals who are teaching at the workshop, work around the farm, or just came out to talk to us at this club.  I had the chance to meet with a few people and had some wide varieties of responses.  I really enjoy hearing different extremes on my work because it gives me a chance to hear from everyone in the industry.  After tomorrow night, I will have a good idea of what I need to better and what ideas I need to work on.

I wanted to leave you a picture I took of the temple tonight.  It is really a gorgeous temple.  I plan on posting some more images tomorrow when I get a chance.  Late night blogging is always fun :)

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