Monday, October 18, 2010

Some thoughts on the past few weeks...

After digesting everything I learned on the RIT PJ Washington D.C. Trip and at the Eddie Adams Workshop XXIII, I noticed the passion and devotion everyone has for the industry.  The development of digital media is changing very quickly and I saw everyone mention this new medium during some point of conversation throughout the past two weeks.    

Passion is essential for succeeding in this industry.  Over the past two weeks, I have noticed different types of passion throughout the people I saw and met.  Each photographer would talk about their work and what they are doing now.  I noticed each photographer would talk about their work ethic and how they got to be what they are today.  During each conversation, there never seemed to be a dull moment in their lives.  They always pushed the envelope and never took no for an answer.  Evan Vucci, a photographer in the AP Washington Bureau, constantly bugged the AP for work and freelanced while building up a portfolio.  His motivation and devotion to becoming a successful photographer was inspiring.  He never said no to an assignment and shot everything he was given.  That attitude creates a dynamic to produce good work and constantly push yourself to become better.  I learned from this, there is no room for quitting if I want it. 

Everyone is talking about what is next for media and how the audience will view the material in the future.  People seem interested in multimedia but are unsure of a business model for the new media.  Brian Storm mentioned at Eddie Adams Workshop this past weekend, “It is an exciting time right now, there is lots of opportunity.”  What Brian is talking about is the possibilities of multimedia and how this new media will shape the future of publications and story-telling.  Mobile devices become a way for people to access news anywhere in the world, moving farther away from traditional newspapers or magazines.  Mobile devices bring a new audience to the stage and the industry must meet their needs.  The future is unclear but I am aware of the challenges I have to face to become a better photographer and the multimedia skills I will need to acquire to succeed. 

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