Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jade Products

Jade Products is a company specializing in manufacturing high end aftermarket parts for personal boats.  Jade Products is being showcased in the News-Herald two part series on the economic problems and how a business like Jade Products is making money and expanding in these hard times.  Talking with the owner, John told me about the little companies that produce niche products that are going out of business.  He sees this as an opportunity to pick up new products and diversify.  The expanding brings in new clients and more work, he mentioned.  In these hard economic times, Jade Products has pushed for expanding and diversifying in manufacturing high end boat parts.

Chris Langer/
Edward Kausek works on a CNC lathe making parts for high performance aftermarket parts for personal boats at Jade Products.

Chris Langer/
Brian Cowling marks a piece of steel to be welded on the back of a header for a high performance personal boat at Jade Products in Mentor.  

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