Friday, July 2, 2010

Teaching about Space

I had a hard time today figuring what to photograph for this portrait of a teacher who just got back from a NASA training camp for teachers in Huntsville, AL.  He had this blue suit with a bunch of patches on it so I chose to use that for attire but I had no idea where to place him.  I did a simple outside portrait in his backyard and found that to be alright but nothing exciting.  The guy wasn't as easy to photograph as others but that is no excuse for a bad photograph.  Since I struggled to find a situation to photograph in, I decided to go into the garage and create a "fake" studio setup.  I overexposed the background, which was outdoors/opened garage door, and used a flash to bring fill into his face and body.  Very simple idea but alas, it just looks like a white background with a guy in it.  Still didn't like the situation.  Got to figure out what to do with situations with no interesting backgrounds for next time so I don't walk away unhappy every time.

Chris Langer/
Scott Cummings just returned from a NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, AL for teachers to learn about different aspects of astronauts life and what it is like to be in space.  

Photo of the improvised studio on location with exposure control

Chris Langer/
A collection of Scott Cummings personal items from the NASA Space camp for Teachers in Huntsville, AL.

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