Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today was a good day!

Well, today was a perfect day.

  1. Got to photograph on the lake, not sit in the office at all.  I was out early in the morning till early afternoon photographing Spirt of America, a boating teaching experience on Lake Erie.  The NH wants an extended photo package for the paper and web.  This is the first extended assignment/story I have worked on while at the NH.  I don't have much to comment on right now except I am shooting video tomorrow and hope to have something together by tomorrow night to show the people out there reading my blog.  
  2. I found out today I was selected for the 2010 Eddie Adams Workshop.  This is a huge honor to be able to work with other top professionals and aspiring students for an extended weekend.  I still can't believe I got in the workshop, I keep pinching myself and wonder when I will wake up.  I am excited though and ready to learn a ton and make good work there.
  3. (non-photo) I got to ride with the Cleveland Touring Club tonight on my road bike (yes I ride road bikes).  This was my first group ride in awhile since racing in the spring with RIT.  Let's just say 95 degree weather + lack of riding + faster pace than what I ride at = a painful experience.  I feel exhausted but love the feeling.  I will continue to ride with the group and hopefully be able to ride better at the end of the summer, maybe even shed some pounds too.  :)
I am off to bed, got another early morning at the lake.  Shooting video and some more stills tomorrow for the Spirit of America Boat Camp.  I leave you with a refreshing picture from the day.  The kids were enjoying shooting/drenching each other in the hot weather.  Better load up on the sunscreen again tomorrow!  

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