Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Buddies

This morning I photographed a weekly summer reading program for children in Grades 1-3 in Elementary School.  The weekly program pairs the "Little Buddies", who are the Elementary students, with the "Big Buddies", who are teenagers that volunteer their time and read with the younger kids at Perry's Public Library.  In this assignment, I was focusing on the relationship these "buddies" have together while they are reading and hanging out.  I also learned about Silly Bands which are arm bracelets that form a shape when not being worn but stretch and become a bracelet when worn.

Chris Langer/
Megan Mennair 11, left and Maeve Tannish 6, read a story about a beaver and his den.  Megan is a volunteer at the Perry Public Library's "Book Buddies" program where early elementary students are paired up with "Big Buddies" who are teenage volunteers that read and play with the younger children.  

Chris Langer/
Noah Bixil 6, puts a bead on the end of his bookmark he made Thursday at the Perry Public Library "Book Buddies" weekly summer program.  

Chris Langer/
Andrew Cervelli 11, on the left and Louie Pearson 6, work on a word search puzzle before the "Book Buddies" weekly summer program on Thursday at the Perry Public Library.

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