Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IED Training

Today I got to role play for a bit.  Lake and Geauga County had an exercise today to train for possible situations dealing with harmful unknown explosive devices.  The whole crew went into the scene without knowing what was happening or what will happen, so it was a surprise the whole time.  When I heard about this assignment, I thought I was going to see some cars get blown up.  Sadly, I did not.  I did get to act like the media though, that was my role in this exercise.

Chris Langer/
Deputy Matisk and K-9 Marko investigate the scene outside of Burton Elementary School during an Improvised Explosive Device Exercise on Wednesday.  Marko has training in sniffing out explosives and Deputy Matisk was using Marko to check the perimeter of the school and nearby cars.

Chris Langer/
A Deputy Sheriff interviews the pretend protestors Wednesday during an Improvised Explosive Device Excerise outside of Burton Elementary School.

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