Friday, June 11, 2010

Week 2: Select Images / Recap

Week 2 was a tad bit slower with only four new assignments total this week and some past week's assignments carrying over till now.  I would have to say the experience at the Browns mini-camp was exciting and refreshing.  It was nice to go out and shoot some sports for the newspaper.  I got Saturday/Sunday off and I start back up on Monday.  Week 2 comes to a close, now time for week 3.

1. Shot 6/5/10 Published: 6/16/10
Chris Langer/
Kids participate in the Oreo Cookie Licking Contest held by The Simon Kidgits Club at Great Lakes Mall last Saturday.  

2. 6/5/10 - Not Published (Editor's Choice from Outtakes)
Chris Langer/
Firefighters tackle a fire located at Frankie's and Dylan's Auto Repair on Twinbrook Rd. in Mentor on Saturday. 


  1. i like the oreo licking contest! i wish i could've had a shoot like that!

  2. Thanks Brittney! I really liked the moment. Those kids were licking crazy fast.