Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inside the News Herald

I walked into work today and Duncan (my editor) said, “Guys, we have one photo assignment for four photographers.”  My first suggestion was send all four photographers so we can get 4 different angles, as a joke of course.  But anyways, I offered to help archive and clean up the office a bit today since it was a slow day.  I started with some online errands I had to do with my now broken LaCie brand new paperweight hard drive.  After I finished up dealing with that ordeal, I started cleaning the back photo room.

While cleaning I thought about my story I need to complete for this summer and how I want to complete it.  In regards to the story, I have some ideas but nothing solid yet, still working on that part.  In regards to actually telling the story, I have decided I want make a multimedia experience for the News-Herald audience.  Since my video class with Jay Capers this past spring, I really value the experience video adds to telling a story.  One of the NH photographers, Michael, explained his interest in video to me and his lack of interest in picture stories.  He mentioned to me picture stories are usually explained through a paragraph or so of text or the photographer explains the situation.  A picture story should speak for itself through the images, not through a talking photographer.  I agree with this statement, I find just photographing isn't enough.  I want to mix other mediums into my work like video and audio to immerse the viewer into a deeper personal connection with the story.  I respect the picture story but when I graduate from RIT, most of my work will consist of video or audio with the pictures.  This is the only way I can walk away from a story and feel satisfied.  I also enjoy viewing multimedia projects more than the simple picture story with just images.

In my story for the News-Herald, I am interested in using video, audio, images, and text together to create a full package for the viewer.  I plan on writing the article, shooting the pictures, and filming the video of important moments.  I think the biggest challenge that I need to overcome with this approach is figuring out what medium is best for telling what part of the story.  This will take practice and time to figure out how I want to tell stories but it is something I am interested in.

Since I didn’t photograph today outside of the office, I photographed some of the things I saw today in the office.......

Here is the area I cleaned up today.  This is storage, archives, and a studio all wrapped up in one room.  

While going through the newspapers, I came across this special issue of the NH a year after 9/11.  

Inside this special issue, Northeast Ohio readers speak about what they did the day of 9/11 and how it affected their lives.  A very interesting look back on such a big event that recently happened.  

For anyone interested, this is the photo room where I live while at the NH.  You can see my spot I made in the corner.  

Here is my desk or table?  Either or it is my place.  


  1. the audio aspects of a video or multimedia piece can become just as much of a crutch as text is for a still photography piece. Only difference is, the reader doesn't have to *gasp* read the information

  2. I'd rather have the subject explain their situation to the audience through interviews and daily life rather than write out text/speak. Remember, I feel this is important for how I want to tell stories, I do not think there is a right or wrong.

  3. http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=12493938&server=vimeo.com&show_title=1&show_byline=1&show_portrait=1&color=ffffff&fullscreen=1

    sure thing clanger. this video has some great ideas on craft that can apply to written/verbal journalism as well.