Tuesday, June 15, 2010

WWII Stories

Today I photographed a son of a WWII veteran.  Tom Swope finished writing his book which is a compilation of his own fathers stories and other veterans he has interviewed.  The book contains veterans from both fronts of WWII in Japan and Europe.  Tom was very easy to photograph and I enjoyed our conversation today.  In my selected photograph, I wanted to incorporate his father's WWII relics along with his book in the foreground.  As a critique, my editor said the image needs more connection to the items on the table and I should have had him interact with the helmet or book.  Something I want to continue to work on is my environmental portraits and this detail helps connect Tom and the items.  This photo will run in the Sunday's edition on the community page.  Tom Swope is self-publishing his book currently and is signing books this weekend in order to promote his new book.

Chris Langer/CLanger@News-Herald.com
Tom Swope, author of LEGACIES: Stories from the Second World War, compiled a book of his father and other veterans personal stories from World War II.

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