Monday, June 21, 2010

House Explosion

Today I photographed the aftermath of a house explosion in Concord Township yesterday.  The half million dollar home exploded outward sending debris all over the neighborhood and a loud blast that shook houses in wide radius.  I have never seen such devastation like I saw today.  A house once stood there and now is in pieces.  Thankfully no one was hurt in this accident and the family was on vacation when it happened.  The cause is still unknown at this moment, but I am sure something will pop up soon.

Chris Langer/
Federal ATF agents review the scene of the Concord residential home that exploded yesterday.  

Chris Langer/
Boards go up on the neighboring house North of the home that exploded yesterday.  The house next to the explosion had considerable damage.  

Chris Langer/
General view of scene (unpublished)

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