Friday, June 4, 2010

Regina High School's Last Day Ever and Kindergarten Becomes a Full Day

Well today is Friday and also the last day of school.  I shot two school assignments today since we need the imagery for next week's publication.  In the morning, the reporter and I went Regina High School because it is closing forever because of low enrollment.  I thought this shot was going to be very straight and simple, kids in foreground with school in background.  To my surprise, the students all came out with balloons to throw into the air and celebrate their memories with the school before they left it forever.  I ended up capturing a really nice moment of two girls hugging before the balloons were let go.  The event was quite interesting and I wish next time, I would get more moments of people crying and embracing each other.  It always seemed like whenever someone would hug and cry, I would be on the other side of the group and miss it.  Ohh well, I do believe right now, the Regina School Closing will become tomorrow's front page art, so that is a great bonus that I am very happy about!

After the Regina shoot, I had to photograph kindergardeners on their last day of school.  This story is for the new mandate by Ohio requiring schools to have students stay all day through their classes.  Right now in Ohio, students can either attend the morning or afternoon session, a 3-4 hour day depending on the school.  Next year, kindergarden students will come to school with the rest of the student body and be required to stay the whole day.  I was photographing an overall of the whole class while teaching was in session and then a detail of a student interacting with the class.  Will see how it runs next week on Wednesday.

Here are the select images from the day.  Tomorrow I will be alone here photographing three assignments.  The one I am very excited about is Ohio's Gov. Ted Strickland is coming into town to make an appearance in Mentor for the open of his 2010 campaign.  It should be a good day tomorrow.

Chris Langer/
Emily Dudash, sophomore at Regina High School from Mayfield Village hugs Caroline Tyler, freshman at Regina High School from Lyndhurst during the last day of school.  Regina High School is closing its doors because enrollment numbers have been down over the past years and cannot operate next year with low enrollment.  

Chris Langer/
After the last set of finals on Friday, Regina High School students released balloons in remembrance of the school closing its doors for good because of low enrollment. 

Chris Langer/
Payton Overall leads the Clyde C. Hadden Elementary Afternoon Kindergarden Class on Friday counting how many days they have been in school this year.  

Chris Langer/
Kindergarden teacher Mrs. Sylvia Kist teaches on Friday, the last day of school for Clyde C. Hadden Elementary kindergarden students.  

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