Friday, June 25, 2010

Convey of Hope and Dream House Grand Opening!

Convey of Hope Setup
My day started off with a story about setting up for the Convey of Hope going on tomorrow in Lake County for people in need of aid.  The Convey of Hope is an organization that teams up with local area churches and provides food, physical care, medical care, and other necessities people might need taken care of all in one day.  This is open to the public and anyone can come in.  Tomorrow's event is estimated to bring in over 3000 people with some estimates reaching 7000.  Christian Assembly of God churches in the area volunteer their support to work at this regional event.  I plan on going tomorrow and photographing the actual event.  It would be neat to experience such a big care event for local people in need.

Chris Langer/
6th graders from the Ohio Ministries Network of Assembly of God "Missions Extreme" volunteered their time in moving food products for the Lake County Convey of Hope tomorrow at the Lake County Fairgrounds.  "Missions Extreme" has a total of 91 volunteers helping out tomorrow at the fairgrounds.

Chris Langer/
Chris Dombrowski, National Volunteer of Convey of Hope from Lockport, NY in the middle explains to Debbie Wilden, left and Susan Bell their layout for the Health Services and First Aid tent at the Lake County Convey of Hope at the Lake County Fairgrounds.  The Convey of Hope is expecting more than 3000 people in need of services tomorrow at the fairgrounds.  

Dream House Grand Opening
Last weekend I photographed the Dream House being finished and today I photographed the open house for the house.  I followed two people the reporter was writing the story on, so the pictures would match the story.

Chris Langer/
Diane Lucarelli from Chester Township, left and Robin Argenti from Wickliffe, stand in awe in the Grand Room at the grand opening of the 2010 YMCA Dream House.   

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