Thursday, June 3, 2010

First Working Fire / Treasure Hunters

My third day on the job was a short day, one assignment.  I was to photograph a company called Treasure Hunters who buy people's junk.  People in the area can come by and sell their stuff/junk to these guys.  When I was there, I saw old posters, comic books, coins and more coins.  I really enjoyed Agnes Huranna's expression when Dan Carey told her that her old pennies from the Civil War had no value.  Guess these treasure hunters are picky!

Chris Langer/
Agnes Huranna looks at Dan Carey in surprise as her Civil War pennies were deemed invaluable because of their poor condition.

EDIT: As I was typing out about my day and photographing only one assignment, a working fire came over the police scanner.  I was greeted by an eager reporter from the staff and we both got up and ran out to his car. We got there late because traffic was so bad, so I only got images of the aftermath of a fire.  It was exciting though to see a fire, even if it was after the "actual fire".

Here is my image from the scene.  All of the Fire Marshalls were excited to learn this was my first working fire.  So I hope to meet them again on future fires.  

Chris Langer/
Firefighters from Wickliffe Fire Department walk towards the Worden St. house to inspect the inside of the house after the fire was sustained.

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