Thursday, June 10, 2010

Browns and Graduation

Today was one of the first of many Cleveland Browns mini camps during the summer.  I was there photographing primarily for a reporter.  The small 45 minute window for shooting was quick and exciting. The reporter would say a number and I would track them down in the viewfinder and shoot away for interesting pictures.  I think it was more interesting to see the process of them training for a day rather than photographing them.  I hope to get the opportunity to shoot some pre-season games this August when I can.

Chris Langer/ Browns receiver Carlton Mitchell runs a drill during minicamp on Thursday. The sixth-round pick is considered raw. He has looked good in practice so far, but hitting will not begin until training camp.

As for yesterday, I was quite busy with juggling News Herald and my sisters graduation.  My sister graduated from high school yesterday and I was there photographing any moment I can.  Out of all the pictures, I found the one shown below the most interesting.  It might be the quality of light or the metaphor of graduation with the light that intrigues me.

And for my News Herald assignment from yesterday, I photographed two foster parents and made a portrait of them.  They recently won an award for their excellent care with children in need.  Here is my portrait of them.

The last thing I did today was ask my editor what he thought of my work and process at the News Herald.  He told some good insights on the outtakes of my assignments and explained the importance of getting certain shots.  He mentioned I was shooting too wide in most of my assignments and I need to have more variety in my shooting.  This is something I struggle with at times and I am trying to incorporate more angles and perspectives in my work.  Getting into the moment of the situation some of the times is more important than showing the whole scene.  These little tight details of faces and moments are what draw viewers into the story and to pick up the newspaper.  

While we were looking through my raw takes, he found this image to be better then the one that ran on the front page this past Sunday.  This image conveys more drama and the feeling of being there and seeing this fire.  That drama is what newspapers need to push the reader to look further into the story and become interested in looking at more photographs.  I only published one and it was a general wide angle shot.  Blah.....

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