Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 1: Select Images

I feel I have made my best work in the past two days during my first week at the News Herald.  I was really nervous the first two days from learning the process and trying to impress my photo editor.  Once I warmed up to everything, I made better images and I feel better about my work.  

1. 6/5/10
Chris Langer/
Sarah Bernardo, age 2 from Painesville, caught her first fish at the 30th Annual Youth Fishing Day on Saturday at the Kiwanis Recreation Park Fishing Pond.  The City of Painesville Recreation Division and the Northeast Ohio Walleye Association presented the event where kids of different age groups compete for the biggest and most fish caught at the Youth Fishing Derby. 

2. 6/4/10
Chris Langer/
Emily Dudash, sophomore at Regina High School from Mayfield Village hugs Caroline Tyler, freshman at Regina High School from Lyndhurst during the last day of school.  Regina High School is closing its doors because enrollment numbers have been down over the past years and cannot operate next year with low enrollment.  

3. 6/5/10
Chris Langer/
Firefighters tackle a fire located at Frankie's and Dylan's Auto Repair on Twinbrook Rd. in Mentor on Saturday. 

4. 6/3/10

Chris Langer/
Agnes Huranna looks at Dan Carey in surprise as her Civil War pennies were deemed invaluable because of their poor condition.  

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